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If you have even a bit of "foodie" in your soul, this tour is a must do! 

We are thrilled to take you on our three-hour guided excursions, so you can enjoy tasty samples of local, traditional and international dishes.  New Brunswick’s culture extends far beyond its Acadian influence welcoming ethnicities from all corners of the globe.  Many families have settled and built roots in the region sharing their cultural traditions through food and drink. The cuisine has evolved into a fusion of flavours we are certain will please your palate.  Stories of the restauranteurs and chefs will inspire you and be fascinated by the rich history of the beautiful cities and towns of New Brunswick.

You're sure to find something along the way that you can take home as a treat and a testimonial to "It’s all about the food!”



Tuesday to Friday from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Easy 3 hour walking tour
Visit the sights of the Capital City as you walk along the streets of King and Queen savouring food/drink at local and trendy hot spots.  Discover…


  • Riverside view on the terrace
  • Mouth-watering delicacies
  • Mid-Eastern cuisine
  • Hip and up and coming resto stops.