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How to purchase tickets?

It’s easy, you can purchase your ticket(s) on-line or by phone at 888.647.9919. Please note that tickets must be purchased the day prior to the tour. Office closes at 6pm AST. We accept credit card and PayPal payments. 


Are the tickets refundable?

Tickets are non refundable.


Do I need to purchase a ticket if I’m not eating?

Yes – All guests must purchase a ticket.


What happens if it rains or snows?

The tours are held Rain, shine or snow. We do provide umbrellas however we advise to verify the weather and dress appropriately.


How much food is served on the food tour?

Taste This Food Tours serve enough food for most participants however we do suggest that you have breakfast as for our tours are not meant to replace breakfast and lunch.


Are any beverages served on the tour?

Water is provided throughout all tours and some extra beverages at certain locations as well.


What if I have allergies or dietary restrictions?

Once you reserve your ticket there is an area to indicate such information. Please let us know and we will be able to accommodate your needs.


How much walking is involved?

The tours are 3 hours long. There is a lot of walking or standing for a majority of the time. The walking pace is moderate and provided at least a few sit down locations.


Is there parking at the meeting points?

Yes. There is public parking.


Does the tour end at the same place as the starting point?

No, however Taste This Food tours does provide a map on site to get back to your starting point. The starting points aren’t that far and there is a few ways to get to them; bus and taxis.


In what language the tours are offered?

We offer our tours in French or English. However, the tour will be done in the group’s majority language with translation (done separately) in the other language.


Can I shop while on the tour?

We ask you to wait to shop after the tour. The tours on a schedule for our restaurants and shops so its important to stay on schedule so the food stay fresh!


Can we bring our cameras?

Yes. Cameras and filming is allowed during the Taste This Tours!