Bangkok Food Truck I was first introduced to the concept that a food truck could be so much more than greasy carnaval food when watching Eat Street, a show about Food Trucks across North America, which airs on the Food Network. My mouth watered at fusion tacos (incidentally, this Halifax food truck is also on my must-try list: and fresh spicy coconut curries. 

There aren't a whole lot of food trucks in Moncton, (but incidently, some City Councillors think there should be more: so when I stumbled upon Bangkok food truck, I knew I had to give it a try, and I was not disppointed. I thought I had stumbled upon a hidden gem, and started telling everyone I knew about this awesome find, but it turns out this food truck is one of Moncton's worst kept secrets among food lovers....  I didn't wait a week before hunting them down again. It was relatively easy: They have a calendar on their website (, and you can follow them on facebook ( and twitter ( They can be found at the Moncton Food Market most Saturdays, and in various areas of greater Moncton on weekdays, providing much loved relief from bagged lunches to workers in less restaurant inhabited areas, and attracting a following of customers from lunch to supper. I have to confess, I really love this business model, and wish it were more popular. I love the mobility, and with a young child, eating out on a weeknight often means take out, and high quality food is always top of mind, so this fits the bill beautifully. 

While I can't pretend to have tried all the new thai restaurants in town, though have heard great things, and love the unique dishes at most of them, this place simply had authentic, fresh taste that can't be beat. The pad thai is the best I have had in town, hands down. I may have had an equally delicious pad thai at the Tiki Hut, a small food stall in the back of a convenience store in downtown Saint-John, NB, but that was years ago, and my taste buds were long overdue for one of my favorite dishes made exactly to my liking. I brought little foodie (my two year old son) with me on my last outing, and he was quite excited to see his two greatest loves combined: trucks, and food. When we got home, little foodie devoured two plates. I wouldn't usually use a two year old to gage the quality of food (although they do have highly developped palates), but I think this speaks to the universal goodness of this particular pad thai, as he has passed up on the dish before. They also offer a variety of daily specials, including a selection of delicious coconut based curry. They also offer delicious, steamy soups, fresh salads, and more. The food is served up fresh and fast, the portions are satisfying, and the meals are hot and delicious. What's not to love? To have a visual feast, and see the chef in action, watch this video, part of the Meet Moncton series:

Happy eating!

By: Natalie Belliveau